Eau de parfum - 4 you

Price: 48,18€

Extremely subtle fragrance with a delicate dose of feminine passions, highlighting…

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Sensitive Cooling Balm - 4 after shave

Price: 16,21€

Nourishing after-shave lotion without alcohol, the consistency and efficiency in…

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LCD Body Skin Firmer Balm - 4 night

Price: 11,55€

Firming lotion based on liquid crystal which structure is consistent with the structure…

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Anti-cellulite Orange Morning Sorbet - 4 energizing

Price: 21,34€

Sorbet with anti-cellulite properties provides relaxing and energizing the skin…

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Vitamin Push-up Mus 4 natural hair & strong roots

Price: 19,10€

Increasing hair vitamin mousse with exceptional consistency and uniform action to…

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UV Protect Hairspray

Price: 20,55€

The innovative recipe of a light mask into hair characterized by a congeneric influence:…

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Next Open Day with Creme Bar in Victoria Day Spa in Gliwice

Tuesday 18/11/2014 Welcome to the next Open Day of the Creme Bar in Victoria Day Spa in Gliwice test of the skin condition -> diagnosis -> developing…

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